How to enable gzip compression in cPanel

Compressing web content is an effective way of speeding up the page load times, save bandwidth, and improve the user experience.

in this article, we will talk about how you could Enable compressing your website using Gzip in Cpanel and how to test if it’s work or not!

The compression reduces the size of the file before the web server sends them to the user’s internet browser.
Once a browser receives them, it decompresses them before displaying the web pages.  This allows you to provide faster load times and better user experience for your website visitors.
This can reduce page size by over 70%! Wow right?

Enabling gzip in cPanel

The gzip compression is usually disabled by default in Cpanel Accounts, and to enable it you need cPanel access to your website.

Enable gzip using the Website Optimize Tool.

Log in to cPanel using this link: or
don’t forget to change your domain in the link above!

after login to cPanel search for Optimize Website and click on it.

please note that you should enable Apache mod_deflate on the server.. contact your hosting provider if you doesn’t have access to Server.

Select Compress All Content and click on the Update Settings button.

after enabling it, go to this website to check if the gzip compression is running now!

That’s all!
Thanks for reading.

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